Who are RHB MY?

RHB Banking Group MY is now over 100 years old! In addition to personal, business and Islamic banking, there are numerous other services available, such as insurance, investments, SME loan Malaysia and loans. RHB has won many accolades because of their work, for example, the Finance Asia Awards, Bursa Excellence Awards, and much more. It has also been crucial in the direction of Malaysia’s markets which consists of extensive finance research.

Personal Banking Approaches at RHB

RHB has numerous personal banking solutions for patrons at every stage of life- whether you’ve just begun working or wish to switch to a bank with better rates of interest, we’ve all of it. If you need a loan, our selections include home financing to auto financing, with flexible repayment plans. Applying for a credit card is likewise hassle-free, and comes along with unique features and special discounts.

RHB Investment Strategies

Need to send money overseas? RHB’s Remittance solutions will assist you to send your money during a low cost and competent way. You can expect fast TT services, reduced education cost for parents and students, and more. Moreover, we’ve got investment methods of you to increase your finances. Our safety deposit boxes are also available if you happen to would like to store your belongings safely.

RHB Bank

Enterprise Accounts at RHB

If you want a loan, RHB incorporates a range of options and payment schemes accessible. Opening a small business account with RHB is simple. People need to down payment RM3000, while sole traders down payment RM1000. This allows that you focus on any project without having to worry regarding your bank. RHB’s insurance options are also perfect for a company at any stage of growth.

Business Financial with RHB

Strengthen your business go that step further with our business banking strategies. RHB might help your small business with investment alternatives, along with any trade financing expertise you could require. We have consultants within both the import and export sectors, who are here to support your projects. Our SME Knowledge Center also is a one-stop help centre where one can get expert consultancy on developing your business.

Conventional vs Islamic Banking at RHB

Islamic banking is not only confined to Muslim customers; non-Muslim customers are very welcome to apply as well. Conventional banking is much more devoted to rates of interest to obtain revenue, while Islamic banking uses Shariah laws and puts both borrower and lender first. The key benefits of Islamic banking are generally moral- it can benefit everyone; it doesn’t matter what success you may have.

Aspects of RHB Now Banking

Send money from the convenience of your phone with RHB Now Banking. With only a fast download of the app of your phone’s app store, you can connection your accounts easily from any place. The app is also able to permit you to pay your bills or obtain prepaid phone cards. Our numerous quick guideline videos will help you set up the app.

The key benefits of Banking with RHB

Want to do your business banking without any fuss or hassle? RHB certainly is the bank available for you. Using our flexible options, you can manage all of your banking needs in one place! Our specialists and customer care section are also offered to answer any queries you could have. Head over to RHB’s website for more information on SME loan Malaysia: https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.