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The vision of Comptoir de Famille is to create home accessories inspired by traditional French country style for today’s modern home. Take a stroll through the small towns and villages of the French countryside—Sunday morning flea markets, bustling brasseries, corner cafes and charming homes—and you’ll discover cozy tables set with sumptuous linens, comforting café cups, ceramic bowls, pops of color and bouquets from the garden. Comptoir de Famille captures this spirit with everyday staples and classics for living and entertaining that instantly warm the heart. We’ve taken the time-worn elegance of timeless accessories and essentials, and updated them for today’s home. From daily living to special occasions, our dinnerware, linens, ceramics and decorative accents evoke both casual comfort and romance. Comptoir de Famille invites you bring the weathered warmth and modern charm of French country style to your home.




The Comptoir de Famille collections are born from the creativity of our design team, based in La Tour du Pin, in France, near the French Alps, whilst our manufacturing partners produce them, in respect of environmental requirements. An ever greater part of our production is made in Europe and for many of our products, in France.


The indicates products made in Europe.
The indicates products made in France.

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